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Katherine Merck

Katherine with her chaps

It's the middle of June and I receive an email from Miss Rodeo America 2016, Katherine Merck telling me she wants me to come out to her barn in Spokane, WA to capture her with all 6 of her horses, 2 dogs, and include her mom in some of the photos too. I was SO excited for this opportunity, we quickly scheduled her session then when the day came I had Emma Gunderson (Miss Moses Lake Roundup Rodeo Queen 2016) tag along to help get ears up, hold horses, fix clothes, handle tack and whatever else we could find for her to do!

We arrive and meet Katherine, her mom, and all of her cute furry family! That was my first time meeting Katherine and she is just as sweet, outgoing, friendly, and gorgeous as everyone says she is! That was also my first time ever working with that many animals in one session- and let me tell you it was quite the adventure!!! I'm so glad Emma was there to help with everything, without her we'd still be trying to catch Rascal and finish the session (lol).

In the end, we got some absolutely stunning shots of Katherine and her precious babies! I'm so glad I was able to come out and capture all of their unique personalities and their bonds they each share with Katherine.

Katherine Merck & Jax
Katherine Merck with Snoopy and Jackie
All 6 of Katherine's horses
Katherine and Jax
Rascal the roan
Katherine and Frosty
Katherine with Snoopy and Holly Pine
Katherine on Jax in the sunset
Katherine & Rascal
Katherine and her mom riding
Katherine and her golden retriever Callie
2016 Miss Rodeo America
Katherine Merck Miss Rodeo America 2016


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