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Katie Schols

Katie Schols, with her dog, Bonnie and horse, Hank

Katie Schols with her sweet boy, Hank and her adorable dachshund, Bonnie ♡ in the stunningly gorgeous city, Bozeman, Montana.

This session was so special for so many reasons! Katie & Hank have been together for quite some time and have been through it all. She used to show him when she was a youth rider, and even took him to the paint world show. A couple years ago, Katie sold him, but last year in June, she bought him back and now he's with her for good!

Bonnie came into her life last September and she's the sweetest little dog! What's crazy, is we were actually supposed to do Katie's session with these two Sept 2019. But when it came time for her session, the weather was so bad we had to postpone. I'm so thankful it worked out to do their session this summer- the day was perfect! ... minus the downpour of rain mid session- but that added some spontaneity and extra fun to the day :)

Katie's makeup and hair were done by the incredible Brittnee with Ethereal Hair & Makeup

Black background photo of Hank and Bonnie
Black background images of Hank
Katie kissing Hank on the face while holding Bonnie
Katie kissing Hank on the nose
Katie kissing Hank on the forehead
Bonnie sitting on the back of Hank
Katie holding, hugging, and kissing Bonnie
Katie holding Bonnie, facing away from the camera with Bonnie looking right at the camera
Katie kissing Hank on the nose
Katie sitting on Hank bareback, petting him on the neck
Katie riding Hank through a big field with the Bozeman mountains behind her
Katie running her hands through Hank's mane

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