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Katy & Stephanie

Katy Dieringer and Stephanie Tolley with their horses, Tino, Pickles, and Coug

Best friends, Katy Dieringer and Stephanie Tolley with their horses (who aren't really much of best friends): Tino, Pickles, and Coug. Katy and Stephanie have been friends for probably close to 15 years now. They met when they rode horses with the same trainer, and slowly became friends then turned into best friends. They spend most of their time together doing horse things, but were also roommates and went to college together. Their favorite thing to do together is of course ride their horses, but their second favorite thing is to drink their Dutch Bros drinks together (lol), third favorite thing: naps.

These photos were taken on a private property in Ephrata, WA.

Katy and Stephanie walking away from the camera with their 3 horses
Stephanie Tolley with her two heart horses, Tino and Pickles
Stephanie sitting on Tino, petting Pickles forehead
Stephanie riding Tino, ponying Pickles
Katy and Stephanie sitting in the grass laughing while the horses graze around them
Katy kissing Coug on the nose
Katy giving Coug a big hug


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