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Kaytee Gibeau

Kaytee Gibeau and Dudley, the two most perfect models for the styled shoot Rachel Reilly and I put on together. Rachel flew in from Iowa to photograph me and my horse. And while she was here we had to shoot at the dunes, a location Rachel has been dying to shoot at for so long! I've shot here many times (and at several other dunes across the country), but can never ever get tired of it... and if I'm being completely honest I think this shoot might have made it's way to my top 3 favorite shoots ever! Everything about it was just incredible.

Kaytee, Dudley, her helpful boyfriend Samuel, and their sweet weenie Honey, drove 4.5 hours all the way from Port Townsend just to shoot with us- and we are so thankful!

Rachel styled (and directed) most of this shoot and Kaytee & Dudley were perfect models so I really can't take much credit for these amazing photos!


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