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Kylie Robinson

Kylie Robinson & Wimpys Tonnob AKA Gus photographed at Kylie's barn in Potlatch, ID

Kylie owns several horses, but considers Gus to be her once-in-a-lifetime unicorn! She made the decision to retire Gus the beginning of this year, and wanting to give him a special shoot for his retirement. I'm so sad I wont be seeing this incredible horse in the show pen anymore, but I know retirement was the best option to keep him happy & healthy.

I loved getting to spend time with these two & capture some gorgeous photos of the connection they share!

Kylie Robinson | Potlatch, ID
A black background portrait of Gus
Kylie kissing Gus on the nose
Kylie riding Gus bareback
Kylie sitting next to Gus in the field
Kylie doing a turn around on Gus
Kylie, Gus, and their favorite awards


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