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Leilani Harrin

Leilani Harrin & Gyspy

Leilani Harrin & her sweet paint mare, Chippewa Gypsys Gold AKA Gypsy <3

Leilani boards Gypsy at one of the coolest boarding facilities ever! Barbers Point Stables in Kapolei, Hawaii is an old WWII Naval Air Base that they converted into a horse barn. Showing up to this place was just crazy- she told us about how the horse's stalls used to be the bunkers for the planes, and there was even a little nurse/EMT car there that looked like had been restored. The history behind it all was just awesome and not to mention: this entire shoot was so amazing! Gypsy was such a good girl, Leilani was so much fun to be around, and we had the perfect weather!

Be sure to check out another incredible video by Blake Loera here on his Facebook & see more of his work on Instagram!

Leilani kissing Gypsy
Ruthie walking away from the camera with Gypsy


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