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Libby Wilhelm

Libby Wilhelm & Hez Drinkin Doubles AKA Truman. Truman is a 5 year old Appaloosa gelding. Libby & her mom, Melissa, describe him as a golden retriever in a horse's body! He truly is the sweetest boy and so eager to please. Libby and Truman ride under the guidance of Katie Sikes at Deerfield Farm in Issaquah, WA.

Libby and Truman are such a perfect pair. I loved how comfortable Libby was on him, she was up for any pose I asked her to do! Wether it was sitting on him backwards, laying on his butt, or sitting right in front of him in the grass. She has complete trust in Truman and I love to see that!

Right before their session, Libby and Truman had just gotten home from a very successful youth world show where they won the world champion title in 5 different events- horsemanship, hunt seat, showmanship, trail, and bareback! How incredible!! I can't wait to see what more this amazing team will accomplish in the following years! One of my favorite parts about my job is being able to keep up with all the achievements of my clients/friends. I get so excited seeing everyone win and do so well!


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