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Lindsey Vandolah

Lindsey Vandolah | Kapolei, HI

I absolutely loved getting to photograph Lindsey Vandolah with her two special boys, Rocky and Tucker. Lindsey's boyfriend, Bilal joined for a few photos at the end too :)

Lindsey is from Montana, but moved to Oahu 9 years ago and never looked back! The dun, Rocky is her horse she got on Oahu when she first moved there, he's so sweet and cuddly... more like a dog than a horse! Tucker, the tall thoroughbred bay, is actually from Washington! Lindsey bought him and he moved to Montana where Lindsey's grandparents live for a while, then when Lindsey was able to get him to Hawaii he was actually the last horse to be at her grandparents, making it 72 years since they've been horseless... so you could say he's pretty special! Lindsey got her love and passion for horses from her grandma, and I can't wait for Lindsey to send her prints from this session since they'll mean so much to her too!

Photographed at Barber's Point Stables in Kapolei, Hawaii (Oahu county)

Lindsey laughing with Rocky
Lindsey with both horses, Tucker and Rocky
Lindsey with her boys, Tucker and Rocky
Lindsey and Bilal with both horses and his car


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