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Little House on the Prairie Styled Shoot

Alissa Carvo close up portrait

Wardrobe & Hair Stylist: Tara Rochelle

Location: Moses Lake, WA

Animals: Dieringer Dairy

Alissa holding a chicken

This shoot was amazing, styled by Tara Rochelle of Los Angeles, and modeled by the stunning Alissa Carvo. We used just about every animal on the farm for this Little House on the Prairie shoot, and it turned out perfectly!

Alissa modeling with Thelma the dairy cow
Alissa and Gilbert the goat
high fashion shot of Alissa Carvo
Alissa Carvo and a goat wearing Zara
Alissa and Eeyore the mini donkey
Alissa Carvo and a mini donkey
Alissa modeling with the mini donkey
Gracie and Coug with Alissa

Alissa wearing Zara with Coug
Portrait of Alissa
Alissa and Blazin' Grace AKA Hottie


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