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Louisa Lilja

Louisa Lilja & her gorgeous Icelandic mare, Katla. If you look closely, you'll see rain drops in a few of these photos- Louisa & Katla are troopers for putting up with the weather we had this day!! Winter in Iceland means a few things: it's going to be cold, there wont be much day light, and no one will know what the weather will be like! Luckily Katla was a good girl for us, leaving us with one less thing to worry about ;)

Louisa is originally from Germany, but Iceland was calling her name- so she moved there and bought Katla! She works at a horse riding tour company, Hestaland. She's also an incredible photographer herself! Here's her instagram- to see all the beautiful Icelandic Horses she gets to photograph.

Louisa hugging on her Icelandic Horse, Katla


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