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Lucy & Kenai

Lucy hugging Kenai

Lucy Pulfer, a senior in Fall City wanted to get her senior photos taken and she included her best friend, Kenai. I LOVED capturing the absolutely adorable and incredibly special bond between Kenai and Lucy. You can see how much she loves her horse, and Kenai really loves her two. They're the perfect pair <3 They compete in eventing together during the summer and travel all over the state going to competitions.

Lucy kissing Kenai

What better way to start the new year than with one of my very favorite sessions! Their session was at Reber Ranch in Kent, WA where Kenai is boarded. It's a really nice facility with a feed store right on the location... And there's a couple goats to greet you as you walk to the horse barns!

Follow along with Lucy and Kenai here:

A cute portrait of Lucy and Kenai

Lucy and Kenai

Lucy riding Kenai

Lucy and Kenai up close

Lucy kissing Kenai


Lucy sitting in front of Kenai kissing him

Lucy sitting on Kenai bareback

The special bond between a girl and her horse

Lucy and Kenai

Lucy hugging Kenai


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