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Lucy & Marli

Lucy and Marli grazing in the pasture at sunset

Lucy & Marli, owned & loved by Meaghan Hatcher. Lucy is an actual unicorn & I loved meeting them all finally and getting to spend time with them out in the pasture while they ran and played (and ate a bit too). Marli is Lucy's first filly- after having three colts, she finally had the perfect little red roan filly sired by Kissin The Girls. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with Marli's adventures!

Photographed at Triple L Ranch in Snohomish, WA.

Marli & Lucy loping through the pasture at sunset
Lucy and Marli grazing at sunset in the pasture at Triple L Ranch
Marli, a Kissin The Girls APHA foal
a black background image of Lucy and Marli


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