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Madison & Emma Gould

Madison & Emma Gould, sisters who share the love for horses together! Madison is here with her APHA mare, Taffy & Emma is with her 20 year old pony, Whinie.

Madison has a really cool story with Taffy, I'll share it here in her own words, "My horse's name is Taffy. She is a 18yr old registered paint mare that I do a little bit of everything with but mostly low-level eventing. I will have owned her 6 years this Christmas. She has an interesting back story, as I later found out after buying her that I'd known her many years prior. When I was in elementary school, I had a best friend in foster care who's foster mom owned a tree farm with about a dozen horses on it. I grew very fond of a few of these horses but never knew them long as she started to sell them. My best friend found a forever family and moved away with little notice and I unfortunately was unable to stay in touch and never heard from her again. Several years later I had outgrown my pony, that my sister now rides and started looking for another horse. I had begged and begged my mom for a paint. My neighbor had just bought a horse from a barn where she has also tried my horse the same day. She reached out to my mom and let her know that a horse had been abandoned at the barn and the past owners has handed over the papers and rights to the horse so that they could find her a new home. My mom several days before Christmas went to try her out and decided she would bring her home on Christmas eve for me. Although, I hadn't noticed it right away I later found out and connected the dots from her papers to find out she was born and raised at my old best friends foster moms tree farm and I had known her and her mom all those years prior. She had been sitting out in a pasture for over 3 years at the barn she was abandoned at, was skinny and had horrible feet when she first arrived with us and it hasn't been an easy road as she needed a full restart in her training and a lot of TLC After about 3 years together we really started to connect and we started showing in low level events before we noticed she was having problems breathing out on the cross country field. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed as a grade 4 roarer and had to have a tie-back surgery in 2019 to help her breath as she started having trouble getting enough oxygen while just playing out in the field. She recovered well and we had a ton of fun competing last summer before getting busy with my new job as a Veterinary Assistant. Hopefully I'll find a better work and riding schedule soon but for now she is relaxing as my pleasure and trail horse until we can BOTH get back into completion shape. She is the love of my life and the best thing to ever happen to me and I think its super a crazy yet a wonderful coincidence that she is connected to a best friend I never got to say a real goodbye to."

Whinie started out at Madison's pony & has been passed down to Emma. She's the sweetest pony and so so well behaved. They said she's the kind of pony who anyone can hop on and kids can just use her like a jungle gym to climb all over. She's also an awesome little eventer pony in the low levels with Emma!


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