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Miss Rodeo WA 2018 | Spring

Beth Snider

I had a ton of fun with Beth Snider, the 2018 Miss Rodeo Washington shooting again for her spring photos. She's so lucky to live right next to one of the prettiest orchards I've seen! And how awesome is it that we're allowed to go in there and take her photos?! I was dying the whole session <3 Her beautiful boy, Pink was also just shed out so he had his cute dapples everywhere and if anyone knows me they know I love a grey with dapples!!!

Miss Rodeo WA

Beth has already had an incredibly busy year, traveling to a different state just about every weekend. Watch out for her at every rodeo in Washington this summer!!!

Miss Rodeo WA 2018

Beth & Pink
Miss Rodeo WA | Beth Snider

Beth Snider & Pink

Miss Rodeo WA 2018


Beth loves her Pinky boy!

Beth's hat & Pink's ears

Miss Rodeo Washington

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