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My Shoot Day Bag Contents

As an equestrian portrait photographer, I keep this blingy gray duffle bag that I won as an All Around Champion award in my trunk at all times. I don't go to a [local] session without it! Although, sometimes I'm forced to consolidate the contents and only bring the absolute necessities for when I travel by airplane. First, I gotta say, I LOVE when I'm able to use an award that I won from showing. I won this thing 10 years ago and it's in constant use!

I keep this with me not for every single client to use it's contents, but in case they forget something! In fact, I tell my client to pack themselves almost everything that I have in my shoot day bag. But sometimes they run out or maybe forget their entire bag at home? (yes this has happened!)

Now on to the good stuff. What the heck is even in here?!

  • a black nylon halter & black lead rope

  • first aid kit

  • rags

  • lint roller

  • fly spray

  • ear fly protectant

  • bug spray (for humans)

  • face glo, baby oil, pam (all can be used as a face shine)

  • eye drops

  • static guard (for hair & clothes)

  • hair spray

  • dry shampoo

  • hair ties & bobby pins

  • hair finishing stick (for flyaways)

  • oil absorbing sheets (for sweaty faces!)

  • HotHands

  • lotion

  • double sided tape

  • Tide to go pen

  • tweezers

  • mini clippers

  • dental floss

  • feminine hygiene products

Some other stuff I keep in my trunk at all times that I use for getting ears up:

  • stick horse

  • broom

  • umbrella

  • grain bucket

  • mirror

  • pompoms

When I travel to a session by plane, I only include the absolute necessities specific to the sessions (so it can vary!). For ears, I mainly use various random things around my client's barn like grain buckets, sticks, brooms, empty grain bags, etc. as well as the AllEars app.


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