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Paniolo Heritage Rodeo | COWGIRL feature

I had the honor of photographing the 21st Annual Kauai Rodeo, for the Saturday events at CJM Stables in Koloa, Hawaii. Hawaiian rodeos are not like the mainland rodeos- sure, they have barrel racing, bronc riding, and team roping. But they also have Poo Wai U, Double Mugging, Calf Scramble, and the Rawhide Race. I had so much fun watching and photographing this rodeo & hope to come back for their 22nd next year.

Some of these photos were also featured on the COWGIRL Magazine blog: Rodeoing in the Aloha State, interviewing the 2022 Miss Rodeo Hawaii, Noel Tancayo, and my friend Casera Silva on the history and culture of the Kauai rodeo.

Miss Rodeo Hawaii 2022, Noel Tancayo


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