Photography educators worth investing in

Gone are the days of student debt from college and universities. Say hello to one-on-one education from professionals you look up to! In this blog post I'm going to give you my top choices on photography educators that I've invested in (invested= money and/or time), and some I haven't yet invested in but still highly recommend based on their reputation within the industry. I know finding the right educator for you can be intimidating with so many different options, but I'm here to give you hopefully better list to choose from so you know the money you're spending will be put to great use & you'll come out of a mentorship session with tons of actionable steps to get your business performing better than ever. Here we go!

Mentors I've personally invested in

Shelley Paulson - I learned a lot about her commercial photography within the equine industry during our phone call

Holly Casner - I came to Holly to learn more about how she edits black background images

Kirstie Marie - I learned a wide variety of things from Kirstie, ranging from marketing tactics, how to get published in equine magazines, growing my social media, and more

Giana Terranova - I learned how Giana edits her black background images... I wanted to learn from both her and Holly, since I know they do things differently so learning from both was valuable to see what techniques I liked and wanted to implement into my editing

Mentors I've not invested in but recommend

Terri Cage

Courses I've invested in & love

India Earl - I've personally invested in her back up guide and found it super helpful. She posts lots of free education on her instagram as well

Adventure Instead Academy - Even if you're not an elopement wedding photographer, Maddie Mae has some of the best free education out there. So great that I've watched several of her videos twice, implemented a ton of her info into my business, and am constantly amazed that all of her videos on this Academy website are free! If her free content is THIS good, I could only imagine what her paid courses are like... if I ever choose to get more into weddings, I'll surely invest into her elopement and posing courses

YouTube channels I enjoy

Jessica Kobeissi - The master retoucher. I've watched probably every video of Jessica's and find her content so valuable

Jessica Whitaker - She's really creative and I love her posing videos

Cannon Weddings - I love her posing videos with couples!

Bree & Stephen - They share such unique and creative marketing ideas!

Irene Rudnyk - She's also a master retoucher, but has a different technique than Jessica K, as well as other valuable things like creating flower crowns, dresses, etc. all for really cheap!

Podcasts I love

Horses In Focus - The hosts are Giana Terranova and Sara Shier

No BS with Bree & Stephen - Mentioned above, I love their YouTube, Podcast, and FB group... and their instagram!

Play it Brave - D'Arcy Benincosa is a marketing ninja and I'm forever grateful for all the knowledge she shares on her podcast!

Goal Digger - Jenna Kutcher is a genius and her podcast is one of the best out there. There's truly so much valuable information, all for free

Facebook Groups I enjoy learning in

No BS with Bree & Stephen

IPS Mastermind

Profitable NON-IPS Photographers

Weddings and Wanderlust - Adventure Photographers

Play It Brave

Booked Up Photographers & Wedding Pros

Sorry this post doesn't have any pretty photos! I chose to leave images out to get straight to the point :) Most of these are equine photographers, but there's also a lot of wedding and other types of photographers that I love learning from. I think it's extremely important to learn from not just professionals who are in the same niche as you aspire to be in.

Another note, if you look up to a certain photographer but don't know if they offer any sort of education, just ask! I was able to make great friends with a photographer who doesn't regularly offer mentorships, but I just emailed her and asked. We ended up making out a deal and I learned everything I know about horse show photography from her, as well as gaining a new friend.

Lastly, I do not consider myself an educator and will not accept mentorship clients at this time. Of course, things may change- but if you're interested in learning from me I'll direct you to the top of this list to have you choose from one of these professional educators that I've personally learned from!