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Photography Educators Worth Investing In

Gone are the days of student debt from college and universities. Say hello to one-on-one, group, or online course education from professionals you look up to! In this blog post I'm going to give you my top choices on photography educators that I've invested my time & money in. Here we go!

Mentors I've personally invested in

Shelley Paulson - I learned a lot about commercial photography within the equine industry during our phone call

Holly Casner - I came to Holly to learn more about how she edits black background images

Kirstie Marie - I learned a wide variety of things from Kirstie, ranging from marketing tactics, how to get published in equine magazines, growing my social media, and more

Giana Terranova - I learned how Giana edits her black background images... I wanted to learn from both her and Holly, since I know they do things differently so learning from both was valuable to see what techniques I liked and wanted to implement into my editing

Courses I've invested in & love

The Equine Photography Academy- I loved the Black Background course & the Videography course.

KPM Learn- Kirstie Marie offers mentorship calls, online courses, and in person one-on-one mentorships. I've personally done an online mentorship call and these courses: The Welcome Magazine, Marketing Basics, Advanced Marketing, and Photographing Horses.

India Earl - I've invested in her back up guide and found it super helpful. She posts lots of free education on her instagram as well

Podcasts I love

The Equine Photography Podcast- Hosted by Cassidy Brooke

Horses In Focus - Hosted by Giana Terranova and Sara Shier

Build Your Tribe- Hosted by Chalene & Brock Johnson

Play it Brave - Hosted by D'Arcy Benincosa

The Six Figure Photography Podcast- Hosted by Ben Hartley

Goal Digger - Hosted by Jenna Kutcher

Facebook Groups I enjoy learning in

Most of these are equine photographers, but there's also a lot of wedding and other types of photographers that I love learning from. I think it's important to learn from not just professionals who are in the same niche as you aspire to be in.

Another note, if you look up to a certain photographer but don't know if they offer any sort of education, just ask! I was able to make great friends with a photographer who doesn't regularly offer mentorships, but I just emailed her and asked. We ended up making out a deal and I learned everything I know about horse show photography from her, as well as gaining a new friend.


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