Preparing For Your Dog's Portraits

A lot of times I get girls who book a session for them and their horse, but want to include their dog for part of it too- which I LOVE! Here's a checklist to get them prepared for their glamour shots.

One Week Out

  • If needed, take them to the groomer & get a coat trim

The Day Before

  • Clip their toenails

  • Give them a bath

  • Give them a good brush'n

Session Day

  • Make sure they get out to play to get most of their energy out

  • Bathe them again, only if necessary... and do so about 3 hours before the session so they have enough time to completely dry

  • Brush their coat one more time

  • Pack up their favorite treats, their collar/leash, and anything else you might need!

A few tips to ensure the best time with your pup during the session:

  • Have a neutral colored collar and leash (an extra leather rein works great if you don't have a leather or black nylon leash)

  • At least have them trained to sit!

  • Know what gets their attention. A lot of times there's certain words or noises that get them to stop and look for a second. Remember these so I can use these tactics to get them to look at me if my squeaker toy noise doesn't work!

  • Find out if they're comfortable around your horse before the session day.

I can not wait for more sessions including dogs, fill out my contact form to get started on planning your dream session with your favorite animals!

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