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Sarah Raschein

Sarah and Chipper

Sarah Raschein is a horse trainer from Three Ring Farm in Lebanon, OR. She shows in western riding, trail, western pleasure, and also coaches athletes to show in the all around events. I had a really wonderful time photographing Sarah's family: her husband, Ty, and two kids, Jarod and Jace. We were up early on Sarah's birthday (July 3rd) for a sunrise session at the river. Then we headed back to the barn to take photos of Sarah and Chipper, one of the horses Sarah owns and shows.

I truly had an amazing time with Sarah and all of her clients, they're such a fun group with beautiful horses!

Fine art equine portraits | Chipper
Sarah and Chipper
Sarah and Chipper on black background
Sarah and Chipper
The Rascheins
The Raschein Family
Sarah, Jace, Jarod, and Ty
Sarah and the boys

The boys' custom made spurs
The family
The Raschein Family
Jace and Jarod
The boys love their parents!


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