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Shelby Bogen

Shelby Bogen and her equine soulmate, Manny- they ride under the guidance of Paige Stroud at Paige Stroud Performance Horses. Paige's place is one of my absolute favorite locations to shoot at- the light is always so amazing, the background is incredible, and all of her clients are such gorgeous girls who own such stunning and talented horses!

Shelby and Manny show in the western all around events at the WSQHA shows. I love getting to watch them show together at all the Monroe shows!

Waking up early to come to their sunrise session and having to change a flat tire on the way was TOTALLY worth it!

Shelby and Manny
Shelby, Manny, and the most perfect tree
Shelby riding Manny
Shelby laying on Manny's neck
Shelby kissing Manny

Manny loves making super silly faces- and I LOVE capturing them, :)


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