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Shelby Eckenberg

Shelby Eckenberg & her gorgeous black beauty, Salina. We had SO much fun at her third session with me... I can't believe how lucky I am to get to work with so many beautiful girls and horses, and to have them come back to me year after year for more photos is the best thing ever.

Makeup and hair by the incredibly talented and hilarious, Joanne Hines

Ear help by the best, Blake Loera

and moral support and Salina holder: Shelby's boyfriend Andrew.

Shelby & Salina
Shelby Eckenberg
Eckenberg Farms
Shelby, Salina, and all the dogs
Andrew, Shelby, and Salina
Shelby kissing Salina
The magical sunset glow
Andrew, Shelby, and Salina walking away in the sunset
Behind the scenes with the team


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