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Sheridan Baringer

Sheridan Baringer

Sheridan Baringer and Duke (Invita Duke) show in youth all around events under the guidance of Paige Stroud at Paige Stroud Performance Horses in Monroe, WA.

This session was pretty special for me because I actually used to show with Duke when he was shown by Sheridan's aunt, Kelly Lake, back in 2008-2012. I remember him being such a talented horse and honestly, he's only gotten better with age. I love seeing Sheridan showing him at all the WSQHA shows and can't wait to see what they accomplish in 2019!

Sheridan and Duke
Sheridan kissing Duke
Sheridan petting Duke
Headshot of Sheridan
Sheridan in her horsemanship outfit
Sheridan and Duke
Sheridan walking with Duke


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