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Soli Brinkman

Soli riding Samson with a long maroon dress in the desert

This shoot has a long story behind it... I bought the dramatic red dress back in 2018 just because I thought it would look cool for a fun styled shoot. I had several ideas, several horses in mind, and several models in mind, but none of it ever worked out. Not until one day I was talking with one of my photographer friends who gave me the idea to work with more male models... that led me to think of my friend Jaden. Jaden is also a [fantastic] photographer and a great model too. We have a friend who just happens to be a signed model with Seattle Models Guild and Freedom Los Angeles... and is an incredible rider! Soli could not have been more perfect for this task! The last thing to get this shoot to come to life was deciding on the horse. I knew I wanted something more fancy and dramatic than a quarter horse (my apologies to all quarter horses), and my sister's friend just so happened to own this very fancy Friesian named Samson. I took a shot in the dark by asking her if we can borrow her most prized possession for the evening, and she agreed!! While this shoot took a year and a half to get planned and executed, the results were totally worth it! I loved getting to work with Jaden too, as a model and another photographer along side me. See more of Jaden's incredible photography on his instagram.

And of course, we had my pal Blake there getting some behind the scenes footage. Check out his video here on Facebook, and his instagram account!

Soli and Samson with a pink sunset
Soli wearing a white dress, standing next to Samson
Soli in a white dress, with a black horse
Soli and Jaden with Samson
fine are equine portraits of Samson
Soli and Jaden with Samson in the sun
Jaden with Samson in the clouds


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