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Staci Larson's Spotted Children

Charlie and Chloe

This is Tiz A Miracle AKA Charlie & his dog sister, Chloe. Charlie is a 8 year old Appaloosa owned and shown by Staci Larson. He lives in Salem, OR with his sister at Staci's house. Chloe is 5 years old and she's actually the first Dalmatian that I've ever met! I absolutely love Dalmatians, and I love Appys.... so this session was pretty amazing for me! I loved getting to chat with Staci about all things horses and dogs; my own dog, Phoebe was also there with me and got to play with Chloe for a bit while we did Charlie's individual photos! It was an awesome start to my day to meet these two spotted beauties!

Charlie "Tiz A Miracle"

Chloe, the cutest Dalmation

Fine Art Equine Portrait

Fine Art Canine Portrait

Chloe lying down

Charlie and Chloe next to each other

Charlie, the appaloosa

Fine Art Equine

Chloe rolling over


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