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Sydney Graham

Sydney and Tonto

Sydney Graham, the owner of Tonto is a senior at North Seattle High School. She wanted to do her senior portraits with her favorite thing in the world, her horse! We met at Fire Fox Farm in Monroe, WA and completed her session, with a short break in the middle to wait for the rain to quit (typical western Washington weather!)

Sydney rides with the Full Gallop eventing team. Her and Tonto travel all over the PNW to compete in eventing competitions together. Sydney is incredibly lucky to have such a supportive and encouraging mother, Tara Graham, who was there to help hold Tonto in between outfits and whatever else we needed her to do!

I loved this session with these two and I know Sydney will cherish these photos with Tonto for forever!

Sydney Graham, high school senior

Sydney Graham

Sydney and Tonto up close

High School senior

Sydney sitting on Tonto

Sydney portrait

Sydney and Tonto

Sydney and Tonto just before it started to rain

Sydney and Tonto

Sydney and Tonto black background

Tonto, fine art equine portrait


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