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Taylor & Erika Kieser

Taylor and Tate

Erika Kieser and her daughter Taylor are two beautiful horsewomen owning two gorgeous paint horses! We met at the 2018 WS Finals show at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe last Sept and have since done two different sessions together. This time I came out to their gorgeous place in Selah, WA to photograph Taylor and her boy, Tate, as well as Erika and her cute 5 year old paint, Lily. I loved getting to know them more and capturing all of their beauty <3

Both Taylor and Erika ride under the guidance of Kip Larson at Larson Performance Horses in Arlington, WA.

Taylor and Tate
Taylor and Tate
Lily and Tate
Taylor and Tate
Taylor petting Tate
Taylor, Tate, Erika, and Lily
Tate being a dork
Erika and Taylor with their horses

Erika and Lily
Taylor and Tate


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