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The Coker Family

The Coker Family

The Coker Family, photographed in a special spot in Moses Lake, WA. This isn't an ordinary family portrait session... We (Brady and I) tricked Katy into getting ready for a family session with Brady's son, Cooper, their horses, and dogs- only for her to be surprised by a marriage proposal midway through! It went perfectly as planned; she was actually surprised and didn't see anything coming. Katy and Brady's friend, Ashley was also there with us, she helped get ears up, and film the proposal. We started out by doing family group photos, then Brady got down on one knee and popped the question. Clearly, she said yes! It was a great night and I'm super excited for them!

Brady proposing to Katy
Katy's engagement ring
Family portrait of the Coker Family, including horses: Ruby, Coug, Diva, and Reo. Dogs: Kam and Cali.


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