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Theresa Kamitomo

Theresa Kamitomo & her heart horse, Quela ♡ Theresa's husband, Mark, and their two dogs also joined for a few family photos! This session was so, so special and I could not be more thankful that Theresa chose me to photograph their incredibly strong bond. I could truly tell how much they love each other from our time together. I'm so glad Theresa has these photos of them to remind her of that love! These photos were taken on their property in Spokane, WA where Quela and Theresa's 3 other horses live.

Black background images of Quela
Quela, on black background
A Kamitomo family photo, including Quela and their two dogs
Theresa hugging Quela's neck
Theresa, Mark, and Quela in their pasture in Spokane, WA
Theresa and Quela walking in the outdoor arena
Theresa kissing Quela on the nose
Quela and Theresa touching heads
Every part of Quela ♡


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