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Trisha Tolley

Trisha hugging Zyr

Trisha Tolley and her barbie horse, Zyrs Lucky Command AKA Zyr. Trisha trail rides and does whatever else she wants on Zyr, she's kinda the perfect pretty do-anything horse! Her and Trisha go perfectly together and it was so much fun capturing their bond <3

Trisha and her horse Zyr
Trisha sitting on Zyr
Trisha, Calvin, and Zyr

Trisha holding Calvin while Zyr grazes
Trisha kissing Zyr
Trisha Tolley & Zyr
Trisha petting Zyr
Equine Love
Trisha and Zyr
Fine Art Equine Portrait
Fine Art Equine Portrait | Zyr
Fine Art Canine Portrait | Calvin


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