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3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Photographer


There are a few important things to consider before hiring a photographer, whether it be for senior photos, ad photos, sale/stud photos for your horse, photos to create artwork within your home, or to capture the bond between you and your once in a lifetime horse!

1. Take a Look at Their Portfolio

You need to check the photographers online portfolio to make sure that their style matches your vision. Make sure it matches your personality, matches the vibe and mood you want to portray in your images, and how you want your photos to turn out. You also need to check to make sure their work is actually GOOD in your eyes. Photography is an art, so it's subjective. What your friend or family member may like may not be even close to what you like. You want to fall in love with the photographers images before you even contact them.

2. Read Their Customer Reviews

Read the reviews from previous clients! Check on their Facebook page or Google to see what their past clients have to say about their experience and their outcome. Were they happy with the experience? Did they absolutely love their photos? Or was there something that happened before, during, or after their session that made them regret hiring this photographer? This will all be shared on their reviews section! A rule of thumb with me when I'm hiring anyone, is that if they don't have a review page on their website or Facebook, I probably won't hire them. I want to be absolutely sure that I'm going to have a good experience with this person before hiring them.

3. Check Their Prices

Normally photographers have a pricing page on their website that will either give beginning prices for their packages or they will have all of their collections right on their website... or some photographer's don't list their prices on their website at all, in which case you'd need to contact them to get a quote. It's important you check to see if their prices are within your budget before contacting them. If they are, wonderful! If not, you have the choice of either moving on to find a different photographer or reevaluating your budget.

*Bonus* Contact them!

Contact the photographer and chat with them. See how their personality is and if you think you'd be a good fit together! Photographers are still just humans and not all humans get along. So start up a conversation with them and see how it goes!


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