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Ashley Wall

Ashley Wall & Solvi.

Solvi is one of the lovely therapy horses at the Alatheia Riding Center in Wenatchee, WA. Ashley works at Alatheia year round. In the winter she works on improving Solvi's manners and skills to be the best lesson horse she can be. In the summer she continues to work with Solvi plus works as an instructor. She teaches equine assisted activities to children and adults with disabilities with various types of riding (therapeutic riding, adaptive riding, and hippotherapy). One of the things I love most about Alatheia is their lesson horses are comprised of ALL Fjords! They have 13 Fjords in their program and I can not get enough of their adorable faces and sweet personalities! See more photos I took of the Fjords a couple of winters ago here.

Winter equestrian shoots in central Washington aren't for the faint of heart! You really have to be prepared to freeze your butt off for a little bit. Ashley handled it like a pro though! Read this blog post for tips on how to make winter equestrian portrait sessions more enjoyable.

a blonde girl standing next to her Fjord horse, wearing a grey coat in the snow
A blonde girl standing next to her Fjord horse in the snow in Wenatchee
A blonde girl hugging her horse's head, on a winter day in Wenatchee, WA
A blonde girl leaning her head on her hand, resting her elbow on her Fjord horse's back
A blonde girl wearing a maroon shirt, grey coat, and black pants, leaning up against her Fjord horse in the snow
A girl standing next to her horse, looking off into the distance in the snow
a girl standing next to her Fjord horse, with her hand in her coat pocket


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