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Winter Session Tips

Winter Session Tips

If you decide to schedule a photo session with your horse during the winter (in the PNW... in southern states it's a different story), here are a few tips to make your life and your horse's life a little easier.

◦ If they weren't under lights in the fall/winter, body clip your horse 1-2 weeks before the session, then blanket them heavily & keep them warm in a stall (of course this is optional, but I always prefer a non-hairy horse)

◦ Vacuum them the night before & morning before, and even a few more times before the session day to make sure you get all the dirt and dandruff removed

◦ Bring a heavy coat & gloves for you & a freshly washed blanket for them- for walking to the locations, outfit changes, etc.

◦ No brainer: style your wardrobe with warmer clothes & layers. Winter clothes can still be super cute. For ideas check my Winter Style Pinterest board

◦ Pack HotHands. Put the feet warmers in your shoes & the body warmers somewhere on your body wherever you need the warmth the most.

◦ The cold can really bring out the spunk in most horses, so don't forget to work them down & then use a cooler to wick up any sweat

**Plan your session for a sunny day where there's still snow on the ground! This way you still get the snowy effect with the best lighting and warmth of the sun.

Or... just schedule your session during the warmer months so you don't have to worry about any of this ;) but I know snowy photos are so pretty, so hopefully these tips help if you ever find yourself in front of the camera on a really cold day!

Want to get even more of a head start on preparing for your session? Download my free Ultimate Shopping Guide for Your Equestrian Session!


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