Winter Session Tips

If you decide to schedule a photo session with your horse during the winter (in the PNW... in southern states it's a different story), here are a few tips to make your life and your horse's life a little easier.

◦ If they weren't under lights in the fall/winter, body clip your horse 1-2 weeks before the session, then blanket them heavily & keep them warm in a stall (of course this is optional, but I always prefer a non-hairy horse)

◦ Vacuum them the night before & morning before, and even a few more times before the session day to make sure you get all the dirt and dandruff removed

◦ Bring a heavy coat & gloves for you & a freshly washed blanket for them- for walking to the locations, outfit changes, etc.

◦ No brainer: style your wardrobe with warmer clothes & layers. Winter clothes can still be super cute. For ideas check my Winter Style Pinterest board

◦ Pack HotHands. Put the feet warmers in your shoes & the body warmers somewhere on your body wherever you need the warmth the most.

◦ The cold really brings out the spunk in most horses, so don't forget to work them down & then use a cooler to wick up any sweat

Ideally, just schedule your session during the warmer months so you don't have to worry about any of this ;) but I understand deadlines sneak up on us, so hopefully these tips help if you ever find yourself in front of the camera on a really cold day!

Want to get even more of a head start on preparing for your session? Download my free Ultimate Shopping Guide for Your Equestrian Session!

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