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Breanna Howell

Breanna and I always find ourselves in the most unique locations for her sessions with her sweet gelding, Legs! The first time around was downtown Wenatchee last fall. This time, the Columbia River off of East Wenatchee, only about 5 minutes from our houses (we just happen to live within a short walking distance from each other)!

You wouldn't know it, but this shoot was actually split up into two different days- the first day we were only able to get 2 of her 3 outfits in... pretty much 1.5 actually. Before a crazy wind storm blew in and there was no containing anyone's hair so we decided to finish up later that week. I'm very thankful we did because we saved our favorite outfit (the teal dress) for last & we weren't able to get any with that one the first day. It was much, much calmer the second day & Legs was much more relaxed too (lets just say there's no way we could have done bridleless shots the first day!)

Legs is actually the most perfect horse for these types of situations- he's so chill and easy going, so I'm excited to see where we take him next!

Enjoy some silly bloopers of Legs enjoying his time in the water without his bridle on!


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