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Cole Stuart

Cole Stuart and his super cool mustang mare, Moo, photographed in downtown Leavenworth. After being the helper at two of his girlfriend, Breanna's sessions with me over the last couple years, he finally decided it was his turn to get in front of the camera (I actually think it was entirely Breanna's idea but just go with it). Let's just say the planning process for this shoot was my most difficult one all year, we went through so many different location plans, several different dates, but we finally made it work and it was totally worth all the hassle! Moo was an angel for us and together her and Cole looked like they belonged in some sort of cowboy magazine (or movie?)

I always have such a great time with Cole, Breanna, and their friend Megan (who was also at Breanna's last session!) and look forward to more shoots with them in the future!


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