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How to Find Your Fashion Style

A while back, I made a blog post called: Unconventional Tasks to Complete Before Your Photo Session. One of those tasks was to find your personal style. Now, I'd like to expand on that. (I talk about it more in that post, but knowing your personal style from the get-go will make choosing your photoshoot outfits easy peasy!) I was scrolling through TikTok recently and found @madeandtaylored's page. She's a hairstylist and also shares a lot of her shopping hauls (a lot thrifted- which I love!), and has a great sense of style. She made a 3 part Wardrobe Bootcamp series explaining how to find your personal style, which inspired me to do a better job at actually figuring out my own style too. You can view the first video here (the second 2 follow right after), but here's a written step by step, with a few of my thoughts added too.

Step 1. Download Pinterest

Easy enough!

Step 2. Create a board & start pinning all the outfits you like

* start your search with something like: summer outfits, or something broad so Pinterest will show you lots of variety. You could start in one of my Pinterest boards for either Spring & Summer or Fall & Winter outfit ideas!

* once you click on a picture, scroll down and it'll show you similar pictures that you can save as well

* keep in mind: your body type! know what's flattering on your body type and what isn't. Be sure to only save pins with outfits that will compliment your body type. If you save everything you like regardless of how it will fit you, you'll be back to square one with nothing that you like in your closet. I, for example can not pull off bell bottom jeans. I love how they look on others, just not on my short little legs. So I was sure to not pin anything with bell bottom jeans!

a blonde girl wearing a short pink dress, kissing her sorrel horse on the nose, at sunset in Monroe, WA

Step 3. Go through your closet

* see if you have anything in there that could create any of the outfits you've already pinned

* it doesn't have to be exact! Search for similar colors and fits, not necessarily the exact same print, etc.

Step 4. Sort your current clothes into three categories: keep, donate, trash

* keep what fits with the theme of your new Pinterest wardrobe

* donate anything you know you'll absolutely never wear again (if it's still in good shape)

* trash anything you know you'll absolutely never wear again (if it's old, worn out, and un-donate-able)

* go through your donate & trash piles and really figure out why you don't like to wear them. Is it the color? the fit? whatever it is, make sure you actually know so you don't make the same mistake of buying something similar just because you like the way it looks- but not necessarily how it looks on you!

Step 5. Think about your basics

Basics are pieces that will go with anything, just about any of the time. Below is @madeandtaylored 's list for winter (I added to it a little too)

- Light jeans, dark jeans, black jeans (any cut that you like best on your body for each)

- Black leggings

- white/cream tee, black tee

- white/cream long sleeve, black long sleeve

- black sweater, white sweater, tan sweater

- black boots, brown boots, tan boots

- white tennis shoes, black tennis shoes

Step 6. Study your Pinterest board to prepare for shopping!

* to start, pull out your Pinterest board and find the most common colors out of all the pictures you pinned. When shopping, you know to only look at pieces in those colors, don't waste your time on anything else!

* next, find any common outfits or pieces. For example, you might have a lot of one style of shoe, or a lot of blazers, or multiple outfits with button up tops. You know to look for these kinds of things and, again, not waste your time on anything else

Step 7. Go shopping!

* keep everything in mind from steps 5-6 while you're shopping (colors and specific pieces)

* I personally recommend starting out by in-person shopping so you can try things on! Online shopping was a big part of my problem since something often looks great the model, then look completely different on me. Once you're confident with the stores you want to shop at, then online shopping should be a little easier.

* Once you're ready for online shopping, read this blog post on some tricks I've found for easy online shopping!

Want even more shopping help? Download my free Shopping Guide!


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