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JJP’s Insider Secrets to Getting the Perfect Show Photos

JJP’s insider secrets to getting the perfect show photos

Have you ever gone to the photographer's viewing table at a show to check out your proofs from the day and thought "wow, these are terrible"? Well, chances are you're not talking about the photographer's actual work. You're likely thinking about why your face looks the way it does, why your hand is so high, why there aren't any good candids, etc. Hopefully these next few 'insider secrets' will help solve all your horse show photo problems!

Katie Nilsen at Jerry Prigge Memorial Show 2018

1. Actually look like you're enjoying it

I get it, you're in the zone- focusing on all 10,000 things you know you need to focus on. But even just looking slightly happy will help ;) I can't tell you the amount of people who go up to my booth to view proofs and say "oh my gosh, what was I doing with my face?!" Just add your face on the list of things you need to focus on- at least when you know a photographer is in the ring :)

Shelley at Reining in the Park 2018

2. Wear well-fitted show clothes

I also get so many comments like this: "wow I didn't realize my chaps were so baggy on me!" or on the other end of the spectrum "yikes, my fat is really bulging in that shirt!" Just fixing the fit of your clothes will help so much! & do not forget about shaping your hat! A dirty hat is something I can *normally* fix in editing, a poorly shaped hat is not.

Andy petting his grey mare

3. Reward your horse

Riders petting their horses letting them know they did a good job, often turn into the most cherished photos. Never leave the arena without thanking your horse!

4. Be supportive & make friends

I know people love candids, but the thing is... you have to actually make these good candid moments happen in order for them to be captured. Enjoy the entire time you're at a show even more by making more friends & cheering them on! And always hug your horse.

Sofia walking over poles in trail at WSQHA Trophy Circuit 2018

5. Talk to the photographer

If you have something in mind that you really want to get captured- like going over the bridge in trail from a specific angle, your trot in showmanship, or just a really good loping shot in western pleasure: tell the photographer! And if you can't get a hold of them, tell their assistant running the booth to let the photographer know your thoughts (and don't forget to give your class & show number).

I hope these tips can help you get better show photos! See ya at the next show ♡


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