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My Fav Colors to Pair w/ Each Color of Horse

This is not specifically showing you which outfit colors are best with each color of horse based on 'correct' color pairing; you can check out page three in my Shopping Guide for that or look at a complementary color wheel. This is all about my personal favorite colors with each color of horse. I'd also like to note, this doesn't take into consideration human skin tone or the location- if you're planning for your session, those two things can make a big difference on how the colors look, so always be safe and check with your photographer if you're unsure.

Red Horses

Let's start with red horses! This includes: sorrel, chestnut, red roan, and if you'd like, red dun (or you can classify red duns in with other duns later on). I personally love green, pink, tan, and yellow with the redheads. Green is technically a complementary color for red- so that's probably why I like it so much!


Next are the bays. My all time favorite color to pair with a bay is burnt orange. I also love blue, red, and of course... pink (you'll see that color a lot today). Another color I love with bays is yellow, although I could only pick 4 to keep it even with the other horse colors so chose to leave yellow out.

Black & Grays

Moving on to my favorites: black and grays. Any color looks amazing with these color horses but I tend to fall in love with light blue, purple, pink, and red.

Palominos & Duns

On to my other favorites, palominos and duns (and buckskins). Again, any color can look amazing with these color horses. It was hard to narrow it down... but once I did I almost narrowed it down too far. Teal, light blue, rust, and [you guessed it] pink are my absolute favorites with blonde horses.

Every Color Horse

Lastly, you can never go wrong with classic, timeless black or white.

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