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Packing Checklist for an Equestrian Adventure Wedding

Equestrian adventure wedding packing list

Planning for an equestrian adventure wedding? Check out a complete packing list below!!

Attire & Accessories-

  • Dress (of course). *Pro tip: stay away from mermaid dresses because they can make it nearly impossible to sit in a saddle!

  • Suit, or similar! I recommend nice jeans, button up shirt, suit jacket, and a belt the same color as your boots, and your favorite cowboy hat

  • Boots. Don't be afraid to splurge on some fancy new boots!

  • Layers. It's important to be prepared for any type of weather, especially when mountains are involved!

  • Jewelry & accessories.

Equestrian adventure wedding with your dog in the alpine lakes of Washington

For the Horses-

  • Saddle & saddle pads. Pick your favorite, most comfortable saddle.

  • Bridles: I highly recommend a plain leather bridle

  • Filled saddle bags. A nice leather saddle bag will make your day so much easier! This will hold the necessities like:

    • your phone

    • portable charger brick

    • water

    • snacks

    • change of clothes for the ride home

    • champagne & glasses

    • bouquet

    • makeup for touch ups

    • hair supplies

    • flashlight

    • sunscreen

    • bug spray

    • first aid kit

    • halters/lead ropes

    • treats or grain for the horses

    • fly spray

    • horse brush

    • wet wipes

    • hoof pick

    • your picnic dinner?

    • dog stuff... all of it!

Have some additional items in mind you think is always important to bring a long on a trail ride? Comment below!


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