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Planning Outfits for Your Session with Clothes You Already Have

Sometimes buying new clothes for your equestrian portrait session isn't necessary! If I'm being completely honest (well... I always am honest so there's nothing new here) I recommend trying to not buy new clothes first. If you really can't gather enough outfits for your session, then go shopping. This post isn't that revolutionary but can still be a helpful reminder to try to find something in your own closet before you buy new!

Wear Your Current Favorite Outfit

You have to have at least one outfit that is your go-to that you just love! Wear that one!!! You're guaranteed to feel comfortable and confident in it because it's something you know and love. I don't care if this outfit breaks the "rules" of color coordination and "doesn't match" your horse. Those rules are just guidelines and can be broken. But, I do recommend sending me a picture of your outfit juuuust to make sure it will still look amazing if it doesn't fit the guidelines.

Mix & Match (old and new)

Chances are you have a few staple pieces. Mix your staple pieces of clothing with new pieces. Adding even just one new clothing item can make your whole outfit feel brand new. Read one of my previous posts on shopping hacks to help search for the new items!

Borrow From a Friend

Ask a friend or sibling who wears your same size if you can shop through their closet. See if they have what you're looking for before you go and buy it new. Maybe even source an entire outfit from them... just make sure you give it back so they continue to let you borrow from them (AKA don't be like me. I still have a shirt and pair of pants my sister let me borrow from 3 years ago. Oops!)

Want to disregard everything I just said and go shopping anyway? Download my free shopping guide here ;)


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