Sunrise Session Tips

For those of you who show: all you have to do is treat it like a show where you have an early class the next day!

But for those that don't show, here are some tips to get the most out of your sunrise session:

◦ Get your horse ready the day before then put a sleezy, sheet, and polo wraps on to make sure they stay as clean as possible

◦ Pack all your clothes & tack into your car the night before

◦ Wash your face with cold water in the morning to reduce any puffiness from not enough sleep! & use these under eye masks!

◦ To get rid of morning eye redness, invest in Lumify Eye Drops! They're seriously life changing. One drop in each eye will completely diminish any redness and relieve stinging as well.

◦ Style your hair the night before, then touch-up in the morning

◦ I've had clients get their makeup done the night before too, slept in it, then did little touch ups in the morning

◦ Take melatonin the night before to help get to sleep earlier than normal

◦ Get out to the barn early enough to clean any green spots and lunge them before the sun rises

I actually love sunrise sessions. I normally tend to go over on the time because when the sun doesn't set to stop me, I have a hard time quitting if everything is going well! So I guess a hack to getting more time with me is to schedule for a sunrise session ;)

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