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The Anderson Family

the Anderson family, riding their horses in the Logan valley in Utah in the fall

The Anderson family, photographed in Wellsville, Utah in the very beginning of fall! My favorite thing is when an entire family shares the same love for horses together. I can't believe how lucky we got with so many amazing fall colors in September. Utah is one of my very favorite states, and it's pretty clear why! Lauren is a fellow equine photographer, she's the owner of Lauren Anderson Photography. We met up for a styled shoot the first day of my visit in Utah, then the next day was her turn to be behind the camera. I had such a great time with these 8 (four humans, four lovely and well behaved horses) and can't get over how amazing the colors were!

Lauren riding Russel with her son, McCoy riding Jello
Lauren and Tatum with their horses, Sugar and Russel
the boys, Tatum and McCoy sitting on their horses laughing
Lauren and Dj riding their horses through the valley with the beautiful fall colors


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