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The Perfect Type of Wedding for the Adventurous Horse-Loving Couple

Bride and Groom on horseback in the desert

I'm beyond excited to introduce to you a brand new service: Equestrian Adventure Weddings!

You and your fiancé both love & ride horses. Horses are the foundation of your relationship. Your ideal wedding day is relaxed, easy-going, yet adventurous and focused on the experience & soaking in all the emotions of the day! Something like: just you two, your horses, and maybe a few of your closest friends?

Does this resonate with you? Keep reading!

bride and groom kissing on horseback in the desert of Washington

Your wedding day arrives and you're wearing the most stunning white dress, draped over your horse, flowing with their every step. Your soon-to-be-husband is sporting his best cowboy hat, starched jeans, and his favorite boots. You hop on your horses & ride for a bit on the trail only to reach the final destination of a gorgeous [insert your dream location here]. You two have the most intimate & meaningful wedding ceremony you could have ever dreamed of, followed by a special celebration with your favorite company. This is what an equestrian adventure wedding is! View more photos below of a styled shoot with Katy Dieringer & Brady Coker on their two quarter horses, Platinum and Ruby.

Katy and Brady's styled elopement shoot took place in Moses Lake, WA. This spot is just a few minutes down the road from their house, and it's actually a pretty sentimental place to them. Brady said that once they get engaged he'd love to do their engagement photos here & this was also the spot where I took their first couple photos together almost 3 years ago! The ride to this spot was quite an adventure, I rode Brady's trusty steed, Reo- he's trustworthy enough to pack both the photographer and all the photography gear!

Once we got into the flow of taking photos, we were all having a great time then all of a sudden.... 500 mile an hour winds almost blew me to the ground! We knew it was coming... just didn't know it would be that intense! We ended the shoot by hopping back on & running back to the trailer, throwing the horses in and driving home to safety! It was honestly so much fun. I love getting out to ride but when I'm able to ride, take photos, AND run around for a little bit on horseback, it makes for the perfect day! Have a fun adventure in mind for your wedding day? Send me an email so we can brainstorm your perfect day!

a groom kissing his bride on the cheek on their wedding day in the desert of Washington
Palomino horse detail shot in the storm
Brady kissing Katy on the cheek while they hold their horses

Had to end it with a blooper.... ;)

Send me an email to learn more about equestrian adventure weddings!


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