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The Top Reasons to do a Photoshoot with Your Horse

top reasons to do a photoshoot with your horse

There are so many reasons that you may decide to schedule a photoshoot with your horse! Here's a list of reasons, not like you need any other reason except for the fact that, well- you want to!

1. Senior Portraits

This is really the best reason for any teenager who wants photos with their horse... there's no better senior portrait session than one that includes your best friend.

2. Show Ads

I get girls coming back to me several times a year to get new photos for updated ads. The most popular magazine to advertise in, currently, is the Go Mag. It's an online magazine that's accessible to anyone & everyone. Need help finding a graphic designer? Read this post about my top 5 favorite graphic designers in the industry.

3. You Just Retired Your Old Show Horse

These are some of my favorite sessions because they're so emotional... all those years showing with your best friend, all the trophies, ribbons, buckles, and titles won- you get to celebrate all of that in one photoshoot to capture those memories in photos that will last forever.

4. You Just Have an Old Horse

Whether you showed your old horse or not, it's so important to get professional photos taken with them. That way you'll be able to look back on these photos and remember the exact feelings you felt and how much you love your horse, even when they're no longer with you.

5. You Got a New Horse

On the opposite end of the spectrum from 3 & 4: you just got a new horse! Now's the time where you're still figuring each other out, learning their buttons, they're getting a feel for how things are ran at their new home, all while building and sharing this new and special bond. Capturing new horse and rider connections are so much fun! Often times you'll leave the session more connected and in love with your new special pony!

6. To Get Photos For Home Decor

I can't stress enough how important it is to have meaningful art in your homes. Sure, it's cool to have pretty pictures of the Swiss Alps or the colorful buildings of Morocco framed up on your walls... but how meaningful are those to you? What if you replaced those with truly meaningful and stunning art work of your very own horse?

7. You Had a Baby (baby horse)

One of my favorite things to photograph are foals. I love how they just do whatever they want and everything they do is adorable! In this case, Kelsey had a human baby and a horse baby!

8. Family Photos

No family photo is complete without the fur family members! Horses and dogs are always included in any family photos I take!

9. Marriage Proposal

I'll help you come up with a genius plan to surprise her for your proposal!

10. Engagement Announcements

Do you and your fiance both love horses? Include them in your engagement photos!

11. Adventure Wedding

What better way to get married than with your horses and an incredible location? Read more of what an equestrian adventure wedding looks like here.

12. Bridal Photos

Similar to 9, but minus the ceremony: why not get your wedding dress and groom suit back out for some gorgeous photos with your horse?? These sessions are perfect for the equestrian couple that chose to have a traditional wedding, but still wants some photos with their special horses all dressed up!

13. Best Friend Photos

Want to capture your friendship with someone who shares the same love for horses? Bestie photos with your ponies is the best way to do it!

14. You've Always Dreamed of Being on the Cover of a Magazine

What's so cool, is I (and other professional photographers) can make this happen! My first magazine cover was just a regular girl who wanted updated rodeo queen photos for her current queen title. Annabelle had no plans of having one of her photos making the cover of Rockn W Report magazine and a full feature inside. All it takes is one cover-worthy photo and a reputable photographer that knows how to get your dreams of being a cover girl to come true!

15. Because You Want To

There's no better reason than because you want to. If you love your horse and want pretty pictures with them, don't let anyone stop you from doing so!

Want to get a head start on planning your session? Download my free Ultimate Shopping Guide for Your Equestrian Session!

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