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Top 10 Stores to Shop at for Your Equestrian Portrait Session

top 10 stores to buy the best photoshoot outfits

Planning outfits for a photoshoot can be challenging. Even more so if you don't like anything in your closet already... in fact, I wrote another post about unconventional tasks to complete before your equestrian session, and one of them was to find your personal style. If you don't have anything you like in your closet, that's a sign you don't know your personal style- read this post to help find it!

On the other hand, if you have some pieces in your closet you love, read this post on how to plan outfits with clothes you already have.

Before we dive into my favorite stores: read this post for my shopping hacks! & now onto my favorite stores to buy photoshoot outfits & clothes in general.


Selfie Leslie



Southern Alternative

Western Brands

Boot Barn

Savannah Sevens

One Way Ranchwear

Double D Ranch

Understated Leather

And 2 bonus places to shop: Poshmark & Mercari! I actually love finding lightly used clothes from there... and a little tip for after your session if you think: 'well, I might not ever wear this shirt again' - sell it on one of these two apps!

Want to get even more of a head start on preparing for your session?? Download my free Ultimate Shopping Guide for Your Equestrian Session!

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