Top 10 stores to buy the best photoshoot outfits

top 10 stores to buy the best photoshoot outfits

The number one thing that causes the most stress when preparing for a photo session is choosing outfits. I personally know how difficult this is, since I've made a point to get photos taken of me more often over the last couple of years. Let's just start right from the very beginning: shopping! Here's a list of my favorite stores that I love to shop at for myself and for others who need help deciding what to wear for their session.

1. Lulus.

2. Selfie Leslie.

3. Rosalind Rose.

4. Vici.

5. Southern Alternative.

Western Brands

1. Wonderwest.

2. Savannah Sevens.

3. Southern Fried Chics.

4. Idyllwind. 5. Understated Leather.

And a bonus place to shop: Poshmark! I actually love finding lightly used clothes from there... and a little tip for after your session if you think: 'Well, I might not ever wear this shirt again' - sell it on Poshmark!

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