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Why You Should Hire an Equine Photographer

Me and Gracie

So you're searching around for a photographer to capture that special bond between you and your horse... The number one thing that I would recommend you NOT do is hire any ole' photographer. I'll tell you why below.

1. We Know The Bond

Equine photographers, most of the time, are equine photographers because they started out as equestrians and fell in love with horses before they fell in love with the art of photography. Personally, I grew up riding and showing horses. From age 5 I was obsessed, in love, and couldn't live without my horse. I truly know that bond that is so unique and so special between a horse and their rider. That's why I'm able to bring that out in my photographs and give my client photos that really show their connection with their once-in-a-lifetime horse and cherish those memories for forever.

2. We Know Horse Conformation

We know what looks good and what looks really bad. We know that ears need to be up in every shot, we know that some angles look much better than other angles, we know what stride needs to be captured for motion shots, we know what lenses to use to make sure the horse isn't distorted, and we know what is considered safe vs not as safe.

3. We Know Horses

It's really as simple as that. Horses are large, unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous animals. And by having a photographer who knows the general reactions of horses in most cases, they still may be unpredictable but we can at least have a better idea of how they're going to respond to certain things making the entire situation much more safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

I hope this helps in your search for your next photographer. Check out my blog post here, giving 3 tips on how to choose the best photographer for you!


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