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Chezni Woods & Naomi Yager

Chezni Woods & Naomi Yager with the good boy, newly titled, "Seattle Safe" Cinch.

This was my 3rd shoot in the middle of a city with a horse... and let me tell you it really doesn't get any less exciting and nerve wracking the more I do. My good friend, Blake and I had plans to shoot in downtown Seattle for about 3 years now... and for some reason* just now got the chance to do it. We shot in Spokane together in 2019 but really wanted to make Seattle happen. Luckily we found the best models: Chezni, Naomi, and Chinch that were up for the experience! It's a rush like none other and I'm really excited to have more downtown shoots in the works.

*I know the reason: because it's NOT easy to plan. It takes a legit bombproof horse and willing horse owners to take the risk of taking their horse in a public space like this.

See my previous downtown shoots here:

Wenatchee, Oct 2020 with Breanna Howell and Legs

Spokane, Oct 2019 with Stephanie Tolley and Zyr

Chezni Woods on her quarter horse barrel gelding, Cinch, in downtown Seattle near Pike Place


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