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High School Senior Session Tips

One of the best reasons to schedule an equestrian portrait session is for senior photos! Here are a few tips I have for seniors to get the most out of their session.

Bring Your Mom

Make sure your mom, dad, grandma, etc... (anyone who is your most supportive show/rodeo parent) is with you during your session. Not only can they be a great helping hand, but getting a photo or two with them and your horse during your session can mean SO much to them (and you, of course).

Bring Your Best [Human] Friend

I mean, I know you already have your best friend there with you (your horse, duh). Ask your best human friend to show up to your session to help... but also ready to jump in a shot or two with you! On top of the incredibly meaningful photos you'll already be capturing with your horse, it's a bonus to get a professional photo with your best friend (including the candids!) Don't forget to put them to work though!! Have them help get your horse's ears up or be there to fix your clothes, makeup, lead your horse, everything else to make your day easier.

Tell Your Photographer the Purpose of the Photos

In my questionnaire I send to every client, I ask what the purpose of your session is and if you have any deadlines. Make sure you tell your photographer you're a high school senior- so they know to take a few individual shots for your yearbook photo. The deadline to submit your yearbook photo is really important for your photographer to know too!

Submit Your Yearbook Photo Correctly

If your school is having you email your senior photo, make sure you send it as an attachment! Don't send your photo inline because it will compress it and reduce the quality.

Want a head start on planning your senior photos with your horse? Download my free Ultimate Shopping Guide for Your Equestrian Session!


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