My Camera Bag

Here's an inside look on my camera bag, and also all the software I use to get my job done!! <3

Camera Gear

Camera: Sony a99 II

Lenses: Sony 135mm 1.8

Sony 85mm 2.8

Sony 70-200mm 2.8

Tamron 28-75mm 2.8

Monopod: Polaroid


Miss Fong (yes, it's a diaper bag :) works great though and fits all of my lenses! I use a camera insert bag to keep things organized and protected)

Random Bag Contents

Rags, body brush, mini clippers, black halter & lead rope, ear fly repellant, fly spray, bug spray, peppermints

Ear Getter Uppers

All Ears App

Stick Horse




Edit + Retouching: Lightroom and Photoshop

CRM: Dubsado (!!!) They have THE best customer service ever. I love Dubsado! Use my code: jenijo to get a special discount when you sign up! PS, you can sign up on a free trial and get 3 clients for free to test it all out.

Newsletter: Mail Chimp

Portrait Proofing: Pic-Time

Show Proofing: PhotoReflect

Photo delivery for models: Dropbox

Backup: BackBlaze

Graphic Design: Canva (I use it for everything. It's a lot easier than Ps for me)

Website host: Wix (should have went with Wordpress, but I'm stuck with Wix for like 2 more years then I'm gettin outta there!)

Email: Gmail :)


Contracts: The Contract Shop they have an equine photographer specific contract, model release, commercial photography contract, and more... those are just some of the contracts I have from the shop. Invitation cards: Basic Invite (use my code: JeniJo to receive 20% off your order!!)

Computer: Macbook Pro 2015 with 16gb RAM

Monitor Calibration Device: Spyder5PRO

Physical backup: Seagate External Hard Drives

SD Cards: I know there's some that are better than others, but I usually just stock up on various sizes and brands and am currently experimenting with what works best for me! (So far I love the 64gb SanDisc) I also use this shockproof memory card case to protect all my SD cards.

Extra batteries: I have 2 fully charged extra batteries with me at all times! I also have a car charger for my batteries.

Accountant: Troy Wiley with American Tax Service in Moses Lake, WA (he's the best)

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