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My Camera Bag

My Camera Bag

Here's an inside look on my camera bag and all the software I use to get my job done!


Main camera body

Backup & underwater body

Main lens that I use for portraits, action shots, video, etc.

I use this lens mainly for editorials & anytime I need a wide angle

Underwater lens only

Used for stabilization for video footage

Used mainly for aerial video

Underwater housing for shots like this! & my husband's shark diving hobby


I have the white one... I don't recommend that color.

Shoot Day Bag

First aid kit, rags, body brush, mini clippers, black halter & lead rope, fly spray, bug spray, peppermints... more listed in this blog post


I pay for the monthly Adobe Creative Cloud which gives me access to both Lightroom & Photoshop. I use Lr for culling & color correcting and Ps for retouching.

For black background image clipping during busy season or for difficult edits

CRM where I keep all my client's info organized, including emails, invoices, contracts, questionnaires, etc.

Email marketing

Online gallery platform

Used for 99% of my graphic design needs

Website host



Macbook Pro 2015, 13 inch with 16gb RAM (used for internet only)

Macbook Pro 2017, 15 inch with 16gb RAM & retina display (editing only)

Monitor calibration device

Physical backup

I also use this memory card case

Tax Filing

Troy Wiley with American Tax Service in Moses Lake, WA

Retirement & Investment Accounts

Mina Gomez with Edward Jones in Wenatchee, WA

This blog post contains affiliate links.


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