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The Seasons of Washington

Do you know which season you'd like best for your equestrian portrait session? If not, this will help you out! Here's what Washington looks like during each season.


Winter = snow in the PNW. From December to March, expect bare trees, dead grass, and the occasional snow. Of course, there will be more snow in eastern Washington than western.

Planning a winter session? Here are some pro tips to help you & your horse survive the cold!

Winter in Washington


Spring means only one thing... FLOWERS! From April to June, beautiful balsomroot & lupines are all over eastern WA, while daisies & dandelions cover the ground in western WA. And of course, the grass has come back alive and the trees have new leaves, leaving the colors more vibrant this time of year.


Summer is for the 3 S's: sunshine, smoke, and sweat. However, smoke can make for gorgeous, soft light. And the time without smoke brings us those warm, sunny days that we all love. Non-irrigated grass will be dried out by mid to late summer, which adds an extra golden touch. Late June through September is also the perfect time to play in the water! But don't forget bug/fly spray.

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October to November... the shortest season where we have those fall colors everyone lives for. The leaves generally start turning by late September, are in full effect by October, and last until mid to late November. You never really know what you're going to get for fall. We can have some nice warm sunny days, or it can decide to rain and be freezing out of nowhere. You know what, we might even see snow in the fall! Who really knows.

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This post was inspired by Kirstie Marie.

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