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2022 Favorites

Please enjoy some of my favorite images from each session in 2022. I had the most insane and amazing year and I'm so beyond grateful for everyone who was a part of it. Some absolute dream-come-true moments happened, some of my all-time favorite images were captured, and some incredible friends were made.

A few notable experiences in 2022 for me (while doing my best to keep it brief!):

I drove completely across the country with one of my best friends, Blake, to photograph some lovely horse girls (and a few guys!) in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas. One of them happened to be Brandi Cyrus, which was one of my dream-come-true moments! I'm so thankful to have a magazine like Sidelines that has trusted me to capture images for several of their magazine issues now. And I truly could not be more grateful for Blake tagging along with me for the long haul to the other side of the country. That's a trip I'll never forget!

I had my own photos taken by Rachel Reilly this summer. It was a really fun experience being behind the camera with my horse (and rest of my little family for part of it) for our very first full session together. I wrote about the things I learned here.

And I was a guest for the first time on a podcast! Cassidy Brooke Photography runs the Equine Photography Podcast and I was a guest for episode 13, Getting Clients Outside of your Area. From this podcast episode, it also lead to me teaching a class within Cassidy's Equine Photography Academy, all about Planning Styled Shoots and Getting Your Work Published. Then from that, we spontaneously decided I needed to be a guest host at her equine photography retreat with Kirsten Ziegler in North Carolina the first weekend of Nov! So many fun things we had going on, and I can't wait for what we have planned in 2023 together!

Now for some quick statistics because I think they're fun!

85+ sessions

24,000+ business-only miles driven

60,000+ total miles flown (wow)

18 magazine features

280+ Instagram posts

3,000,000+ steps walked

100+ horses pet

1 book read (omg lol)

21,000+ minutes listening to podcasts

20,000+ minutes listing to Spotify

PS. I haven't made an end of the year favorites blog post since 2017. It's so hard for me to narrow it down to just one favorite from each session, so I just simply *didn't do it* for the last 5 years.

Sometimes I take such a special photo that I know right away it's going to be my favorite from the shoot... but most of the time I'm usually in love with the entire gallery and can't choose just one! So to be honest, some of these 'favorites' are just random selections because I couldn't choose! I even cheated on a few and included more than one, but I was hoping no one would notice ;)

This blog post was inspired by Kirstie Marie Photography, who does a yearly blog post featuring her favorites from the current year, the bloopers, and most viewed blog posts. I love the idea so I've done the same!


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